Overcome Wardrobe Boredom
..... Without Spending More!
Find Out Why Wardrobe Boredom Happens And Fight Back With:
  •  3 Quick Fixes to Get Out of the Rut
  •  5 Shopping Habits to Avoid
  •  5 Space Fillers to Eliminate

In my latest FREE video training series, I'll share my thoughts about why wardrobe boredom 
happens to all of us and offer my best tips to overcome it - without going out there 
and buying a brand new wardrobe every time boredom strikes! 

In 3 separate videos of less than 10 minutes each, I’ll show you through different 
perspectives how you can insulate your wardrobe from becoming boring. 

You don’t have to buy anything, there are no gimmicks. 
You don’t even have to leave your home because I know how busy you are.   
Go ahead, pop in your email and watch the first video today! 

"Elsie has pulled back the curtains on the mystery of having a wardrobe working for you instead of just having a wardrobe full of beautiful yet not quite together pieces. Simple philosophy coupled with actionable steps shows how every woman's wardrobe could reflect her and work together for her all the time.”

Cheryl Liew-Chng

Creator of The 24-Hour Woman

"This course is a great way for ladies to refresh and re-look their wardrobe. It has helped me to think of my style intention and consider deliberately the few items to buy which can have maximum impact on my wardrobe. It was liberating to know that I didn't really need to overhaul my wardrobe and that with just a few key new pieces, I could start working towards my style intention. I recommend this course for those looking for new inspirations for their wardrobe and who want a long term plan to get there."

Anuradha Shroff 

Executive Coach

Elsie is a fashion entrepreneur who resides in Singapore. She’s been in the fashion business for more than 2 decades, in a variety of roles as a mass-market merchandiser, a luxury brand manager, a fashion buyer, before fulfilling her life-long dream of running her own fashion business. She passionately believes that style is a skill that can be honed and cultivated. To that end, she teaches women how to create and curate a stylish-authentic wardrobe that gives them the confidence to shine and show up as THE BEST VERSION of themselves everyday.
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